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Testosterone, DHEA And…Estrogen?: The Perfect Storm for Male Sexual Potency

Are you a man who gets enough estrogen? Say what? (In a deep voice) “I’m a dude! What would I possibly need estrogen for, Nancy?” You may think that as someone with testosterone and testicles that you have absolutely no need for the female hormone estrogen. Maybe yes. More likely no.

You don’t necessarily need to get more estrogen into your body, but don’t go thinking that getting a little bit more of the female hormone is going to mean your pecs turn into boobs or that your sexual potency is going to be adversely affected or, oh heaven forfend for some, that you are going to turn gay. Estrogen won’t turn you gay. In fact, you just might wind up feeling more manly than you ever have in your life.

The fact is that if you are a man eating a fairly versatile diet, you are already taking in estrogen. Males who are vegetarians may already have their masculinity questioned by conservative meat-eating dinks in Texas so this may not come as the best news in the world. Vegetarians often eat food high in soybeans content and when it comes to foods containing estrogen levels, soybeans rank highly.


Soy derivatives are often quite high in what are known as phytoestrogens (or isoflavones) that carry certain, shall we say, estrogenic qualities. Before you meat-eating dinks in Texas and other states jump to conclusions about vegetarians who take in soy rather than muscular tissue, take a look at your own plate.

Do you eat citrus fruit? Citrus fruits are delivering estrogen into your male body. Other fruits with lower levels of phytoestrogens include cherries, dates and, my own favorite, plums. Lest we automatically assume that high levels of estrogen courtesy of citrus and soy means you are less than a man, consider those, like me, who can’t imagine eating any meal without the presence of heat delivered in some form by peppers.

If you are “man enough” to gobble up hot peppers, then you need to realize that with every expression of nutritional masculinity you are also consuming estrogen. The hormone of those who simply can never be “man enough.” In a certain sense, I mean.

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So what’s the big deal about a man eating a diet high in estrogen? Well, the big deal is not that it will undo your masculinity in terms of being a potent sexual beast. Not only is there no correlation between normal estrogen levels in men and sexuality of a masculine nature, but achieving a perfection of balance between estrogen and two other hormones will virtually ensure that you maintain your prowess long past the prime of others.

Sexuality depends on achieving the best possible combination of estrogen, testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone, better and more easily known as DHEA. You can be overwhelmed with high levels of so-called manly testosterone, but lower than normal levels of estrogen and DHEA at the same time indicate more sexual frustration than anything else.


Testosterone is great for regulating the libido, but without enough estrogen you won’t be able to go the distance, shall we say. Add in the proper amount of DHEA necessary for producing cortisol and you’ve got a perfect hormonal storm that provides the right amount of desire, endurance and the energy to get the job done without stress doing its dirty little business of taking you out of the game.

So the next time you feel the urge to make fun of vegetarians, realize that by adding more soy to your diet you could be helping yourself achieve the potential associated with a quite different urge.