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Health Foods that Are Far from Healthy

Keeping yourself healthy and staying healthy is a tough job. You’d have to be on a constant look out to avoid foods that pose even a minute threat to your well-being. Of course, you can always make a trip to the super market and buy yourself some protein bars or low fat skimmed milk, but you can never really be sure of whether the health foods you’re stuffing your body with are actually safe.

Many branded products may promise you health along with tastefulness. This may be true for some but in other cases, the expected nourishment is only limited to the products’ labels. You’d be amazed to find out how many ‘health foods’ are really not healthy at all.

Bars of Protein

Candy bars that are said to be filled with protein and the much needed nutrients essential for the body’s everyday nutritional needs are the worst replacements for a flourishing snack. These bars may contain fat and sugar that may as well be equal to two pieces of chocolate brownies.

Protein Bar_01

Protein bars are available in a diversified range and people who can’t help but avoid these candy bars can look for bars that have a calorie count of 180 or lesser with five grams of fiber and fat.

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Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt seems like a healthy source for getting your daily bone-friendly nutrients like vitamin D, protein and calcium etc. but only if its goodness is not messed up with technology. Some yogurt producing brands tend to add taste to their products by increasing the fat content and you might as well be munching on a donut filled with sugar and jelly.

greek yogurt_01

Try purchasing plain yogurt or Greek yogurt. The plain ones contain much less fat and have ample amounts of protein and other vital nutrients. You can always flavor your yogurt at home by adding a slice of fruit or honey making it deliciously healthy and low-fat.

Bran Muffins

Muffins are great to pair up with your morning coffee. Some people look for the healthier option and buy bran muffins for concluding their breakfast regimes. But bran muffins purchased from an outside source can contain as much as 400 calories infused with 15 hefty grams of hidden fat.

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Instead of consuming all that refined flour and sweetness, try baking your bran muffins at home keeping a close watch on its calorie input and nutrition levels.

Burger Patties made with Turkey

Eating burgers made with turkey patties won’t help you retain the healthy waistline you’re always be so careful of. It’s a common misconception that turkey burgers contain less calories and are much safer to consume rather than the beef ones.


A typical turkey burger prepared in your favorite restaurant contains no less than 600 calories along with fat mounting up to 30 grams, leaving aside the bun and toppings that you ordered on it. Keep your portions small and you can have any type of burger that you feel like eating. Share the burger with your kid or a good friend.

The next time you shop, take some time and read what your health food labels have to say. You could also consult a dietician and educate yourself about food factors pertaining to your well-being.