If you want to look great, get healthier and build a solid foundation of strength and conditioning, Fitness class is for you! You will be guided through hard workouts in a fun, supportive community. Fitness class programming will help you improve your movement technique and improve your strength in all of the fundamental movements.


The focus of Performance class is developing increased power and speed. You will work on advanced movement skills and learn greater technical proficiency. If you have some workout experience, and are looking for improved athletic performance, Performance class is for you!


The class will follow a series of 12 week programming blocks with a focus on specific gymnastic goals. These classes are focused on a particular set of strength and skill progressions meant to help you advance up the Skill Levels. We are building a foundation of movement quality and strength.

While other elements will be worked in on a continual basis, our main focus will be on the following:

  • Chest-to-bar chin-ups and pull-ups
  • Full depth push-ups and dips
  • 60 second chest to wall handstand (with proper alignment)
  • Single leg squat (Pistol)
  • Skin the cat
  • Basic mobility and flexibility (shoulders, hips, spine)
  • And much much, more!


  • This class is focused on mastering basic skills.
  • Learn to fully engage your body as you move and work.
  • Learn to move through your full ranges of motion with strength and confidence.
  • Develop unshakable confidence in a variety of weighted and body weight movements.

Fundamentals class will help you build a solid foundation and improve all of your conditioning efforts. Appropriate for all ability levels except expert.


Detailed instruction on the snatch and the clean & jerk are covered in these classes. These are very complex movements and we are experts at teaching them. This class is for beginners to experienced lifters.

The barbell class incorporates everything barbell. Squat – front, back, overhead. Press – push press, jerk. Cleans and snatches – from the the hang, blocks, power and full. Bench and bent over rows. This is a technique class. An exercise or two is dissected down to easily learned parts. The full movement is practiced and weight is added until we see a failure point. We then address what’s happening and why. All levels welcome.