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Beat the Heat With Easy, 20 Minute Summer Workouts

There really is nothing better than busting out a workout in the summer heat. Living in Austin, TX, however, I have to pick my spots and workout accordingly. If I’m not able to get my workout done early in the day or later on in the evening, I know I’m going to have to scale it down in the unrelenting sun and go with one of my easier workouts.

My first easy summer workout starts off with the typical five minute warm up jog and stretch. Next is a five minute jump roping session, which provides for a low impact and low demand workout. Jump roping is a great way to work your arms, butt, and quick twitch muscles in your legs while also providing a great cardiovascular workout.

jump rope worout_01

Next I target my core with an intense ab regimen. I start off with planks for one minute, then leg scissors for 1 minute, a minute of bicycle crunches, the Jack Knife for one minute and I finish with the Russian Twist. During the ab portion, I never take a break; I just want to rip my abs up as best as possible and go seamlessly from one exercise to the next.

The last five minutes I work on my upper and lower body, combining push-ups with burpees (or squat thrusts), by alternating between the two, ten at a time. I do this until I hit the wall or the 20 minute mark. This circuit training type of work out is easy to do in the summer heat, but still packs a punch.

Workout #1:

5 Mins – Warm up

5 Mins – Jump Rope

1 Min – Planks

1 Min – Scissors

1 Min – Bicycle Crunches

1 Min – Jack Knife

1 Min – Russian Twist

5 Mins – Push-ups/Burpees (Alternating 10x each)


My other easy workout is an ode to my childhood. Again, I start off with the five minute warm up. The next block is a five minute hula-hoop session. I know what you’re saying, but hula-hooping is a fantastic ab work out and is a fun way to work out in 100-plus degree weather, especially if you have kids.

My upper body is up next, I start off with 30 seconds of push-up claps followed by 30 seconds of regular push-ups. I then use extremely light dumbbells and do lateral raises for the next 30 seconds. I repeat these three exercises again two more times. The last part of the workout, I use dumbbells and knock out some lunges to give the lower body some love too, performing them slowly and draining the clock with every step.


All of these exercises are simple to perform and won’t overheat you in the summer as long as you stay hydrated.

Workout #2:

5 Mins – Warm up

5 Mins – Hula-hoop

30 Sec – Push-up claps (x3)

30 Sec – Push-ups (x3)

30 Sec – Lateral Raises (x3)

5 ½ Mins – Lunges