At Level 4 CrossFit Seattle our mission is helping people – helping people through teaching movement. We are here to help you learn to move your body with grace, with power, with control.

Level 4 CrossFit Seattle was started in 2002 (known back then as CrossFit North), as part of my own journey to heal myself from a very debilitating back injury. During this journey I discovered kettlebell training, gymnastic strength training, olympic weightlifting, and CrossFit. I also discovered a great need for general fitness in many of the people I knew.

I turned over every rock searching for good information about strength and conditioning (the internet was barely a useful search tool back then), reading and traveling to learn from experts. During this journey of learning and then applying what I had learned, I was able to start understanding the principles guiding the development of general fitness as well as how to train for specific athletic goals.

Along the way I also started to realize how much I could help other people in their own journeys toward being fit and healthy.  It is an intriguing and fun experience to help each new person that walks in our door to figure out what they need to progress and accomplish their fitness goals.  This never gets boring!


As a Navy SEAL for 12 years I felt truly invincible. Until one day, I jumped out of bed and collapsed onto the floor.  My legs had given out under me and I had no idea why.  These episodes grew worse and I eventually underwent back surgery and had to leave the Navy.  I went from invincibility to being told by my doctors that I should never lift anything heavier than a phone book (for those of you who have never seen a phone book – they weighed about 5 pounds).

Unfortunately, I took these doctor’s advice for 10 years and did just that – I didn’t strengthen myself or do anything that kept me fit.  I became worse and worse and started to realize that if I didn’t change what I was doing, there was a definite possibility of ending up in a wheel chair.  I had already become partially paralyzed in my right leg.

I had gained quite a bit of weight and was sitting at a desk 8 – 10 hours a day.  I started my way back to health and fitness by swimming and doing the stair master.  I could barely swim 1 mile with out being severely winded and wiped out.  I was more out of shape than I had imagined.

Climbing out of this hole took steady, consistent work – I had to work through pain, find time in my day to go to the gym, and completely change my eating habits.  And it didn’t happen all at once.  Over a 3 year period I finally found myself coming out on top and it’s also when I met the people that I would open the first CrossFit affiliate with; Robb Wolf and Nick Nibler.  Things really started changing for me in my outlook on life and in eventually finding a career that I find fulfilling and rewarding.


We are committed to helping you reach your goals. All of our coaches have a great deal of life experience as well as coaching experience. Whether you are looking for a general conditioning program, or have a more specific goal such as getting stronger, losing excess weight, or running faster, we will help you get there. The coaching staff at Level 4 is very experienced at helping people identify specific goals and tailoring training to help you reach them.

Thank you for your interest in Level 4 CrossFit Seattle.


Dave Werner

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