Why Use Skill Level Tests?

We offer these tests about every 3 months and have our members sign-up in advance. We encourage all of our members to take the test, even before they are truly ready, so they (and we) can use it as an assessment tool. It tells them where they are deficient and what they need to focus on.

Next Test is on :

SATURDAY January 30, 2016 at 1PM. 

To sign up email nancy@crossfitseattle.com


Level 1 Test


Military Press:  .45 x BW        3 reps
Deadlift:          .75 x BW           8 reps


Complete 5 rounds of:

Pull-up:    1 rep   from full extension to chin over bar, no kip
Dip:         1 rep   active shoulders, full lockout at top, greater than 90 degree at elbow
Horizontal Ring Row:  1 rep    hands touch chest
3 second L-sit:  active shoulders, knees above hips, legs almost straight, demonstrate control
1 second Handstand:    on wall, tight hollow body, demonstrate control

Work Capacity

Complete in less than 5 minutes, 2 rounds of:

250 meter row
10 dumbbell snatchs per arm (20 total) 25# women, 35# men
10 x 10″ box jumps


Level 2 Test


Overhead Squat:  .5 x BW        10 reps
Military Press:      .6 x BW          8 reps
Deadlift:               1.5 x BW          3 reps   (no touch and go)


4 rounds of:

Hanging Knee to Elbow:           1 rep
Single leg squat:    1 rep/leg
Muscle up:             1 rep
Freestanding Handstand:    5 seconds     kick to handstand with no spotter, hands fixed, arms straight, establish a stable handstand for 5 seconds

Work Capacity

Complete in 8 minutes or less, 2 rounds of:

Front Squat:        1 x BW    4 reps
Run 800m