PREGNANT?  Yes, you can CrossFit! You will likely need to modify some of the workouts, though—and that’s where we come in. We’ve got quite a bit of experience training women all the way through pregnancy. Just let us know. We can help you figure out how to keep working out for as long as it feels right. Moms we've trained tell us CrossFit really helped.

Tracy :

I was in physical therapy for back issues during my first pregnancy.  It sucked!  For my second, I did not have back issues, and decided to keep doing CrossFit.  I honestly feel that my pregnancy and delivery were relatively easier the second time around because of it.  It made recovery faster too!  I just listened to my body as I progressively got larger, but found that I was able to do most everything.  Dave helped me to scale, keeping me in line while still challenging me.

I wound up being comfortable for most of the duration of my pregnancy, and I attribute this completely to CrossFit.  What a relief!



I LOVED being able to CrossFit while pregnant.  Even on days when I was feeling a little ill or I had low energy, CrossFitting helped me feel better and boosted my energy level.  As my pregnancy progressed and my body changed, I talked to my doctor and Scott about what was the best plan for me to CrossFit safely.  (Don't tell my doctor, but I listened to Scott more!)  I used common sense and listened to my body, and sometimes I backed off to accommodate my "condition.”  I found that I was able to do most workouts with few modifications, and even made strength gains and improvements in some areas.  Itnot only helped me stay healthy during pregnancy, it kept me STRONG.  I truly think that CrossFit helped me have an easier pregnancy and an easier birth.  I labored for about 6 hours and only had to push for about 15 minutes!  That wouldn't have been possible without good squat work!

CrossFit helped me get my body and strength back afterward, too.  Your body changes a lot through pregnancy and childbirth, and I have had to work through some of those issues.  The trainers at Level4 have helped me and encouraged me every step of the way!


Continuing to Crossfit during pregnancy was one of the best things I did in terms of staying comfortable, fit, and active (the other great thing is prenatal yoga). It also kept weight gain in check. The trainers were helpful, suggesting modifications and not making me do iffy workouts, like handstand techniques.

When I had Edie, the nurses said I was a rock star and I definitely think that CrossFit helped with the physical demands of labor. It has also been instrumental in losing the baby weight. I'm happy to talk to any pregnant CrossFit mamas, too.



Little did I know when I started CrossFit at Level 4 that it would play such a major part in an amazing, natural childbirth experience.  Labor and childbirth was intense, but I did it standing up most of the time, and delivered in the squatting position. I send sincere gratitude to not only all of the coaches (special thanks to Scott!) who were so attentive to me during my workouts and kept me from overdoing it, but also to all of my fellow CrossFitters who encouraged me along the way. In my opinion it is truly the greatest pregnancy fitness routine.


I thought continuing with my crossfit workouts while I was pregnant kept me both physically strong and mentally sane.  I found the workouts prepared me for my long labor and made my recovery time so much faster than I ever expected.  There was so much support for my workouts from the entire staff and my workout partners that I was psyched to get in there each time and move my body around.  Of course I had to modify my workouts but it made my entire pregnancy a much better experience and after returning from my maternity leave I was still able to do some pull-ups!



As a  mother of three children (and expecting), I highly encourage women to give serious thought to exercising and nutrition before, during and after pregnancy.  Many women who don't eat right and don't exercise regularly seem to have 3 or more of what I call "pregnancy symptoms". Chronic back pain, constipation and tiredness were some of the major problems I experienced most during my first pregnancy.

Thanks to my introduction to CrossFit  after my first pregnancy I radically changed my diet and my understanding of body mechanics.  When I became pregnant with my second daughter I had been eating right and working out for almost a year.  This head start totally changed the experience of pregnancy for me.  By the second trimester I was able to dead lift, squat, row, run and do most of the exercises non-pregnant women performed with only small tweaks accorded to my pregnancy. Constipation? gone! Energy? in spades!  I had enough energy to take care of my oldest and go to Crossfit twice a week. On July 23 of 2009 I was right at my due date, and was already dilated but was just not ready to birth so I decided to attend the 5pm class . I went into labor a couple hours after I got home and  ended up having my second daughter at 9:30 pm that evening after less than 10 minutes of pushing in a full squat position (having the strength and hip mobility to use this birthing stance was a really great experience).  The midwives said I had had a text book perfect birth!  No complications, no tearing and one of the fastest active labors they had seen.  For me, the birthing was a lot easier and recovery was 10 times faster. I left the next morning, tired but with out the same lasting pain that had accompanied my ride home (3 days after) my first child was born.

In 2010 I became pregnant for the third time and gave birth on October 7th, 14 hours after completing a Crossfit workout once again and this time with better results than my second.