“Think with your whole body, move with your whole brain.”

Movement mentorship is a more generalist approach, taking elements from various disciplines including martial arts, acrobatics, gymnastics strength training, parkour, etc. with the intent to not only develop a robust and adaptive body, but also, to neurologically develop the brain and nervous system.

To do this, you will be challenged with learning new movement patterns that require increasing levels of neuromuscular complexity.  In essence, you are developing your physical intelligence. This will then transfer over to every other activity you do, or choose to learn in the future.

For the most part, what you will learn can be trained anywhere, anytime, while developing a combination of relative strength, joint integrity, creativity, kinesthetic intelligence, metabolic conditioning, and more.

This movement mentorship will change your viewpoint of how to move through space, and provide a more balanced and controlled body as a result.


From $41.00 - $73.00 per hour
Please see our Pricing Sheet for prices for individuals and groups of up to 3 people.


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