Tight muscles and connective tissue limit the freedom of your body, preventing proper form on lifts, as well as limiting strength and movement possibilities. A healthy, athletic body has strength at full range of motion, making your body develop strength evenly, preventing injuries and increasing gains.

This program is for those who need and want to improve their range of motion. Do you have a hard time holding the front rack position in a front squat? Not able to squat below parallel? Want to open your shoulders so that you can do a freestanding handstand? This program will be sniper focused on delivering you those results, opening the door to a whole world of movement possibilities, improved physical health, as well as improving strength.

This program includes:

  • 6-12 personal training sessions focused on squat mobility
  • A thirty day squat challenge, including facebook support group
  • 2 days of programming per week (three total sessions including weekly personal training session)
  • Accountability checks and progress tracking



From $41.00 - $73.00 per hour
Please see our Pricing Sheet for prices for individuals and groups of up to 3 people.


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