Fix Your Back Training Package

Back pain is no joke. When your back hurts, every aspect of life can be affected. Tossing and turning through an uncomfortable night's sleep, you wake unrested, sluggish and irritable. Constantly tensing back muscles during the day, in an attempt to brace against painful movements and positions, leaves your neck, shoulders and back sore and exhausted. Headaches from all this tension are a common complication.

Have you ever noticed how a “bad day” for your lower back often arrives with abdominal pain and indigestion as a companion? Improper structural positions in combination with exhausted, inflamed muscles and other soft tissues can put pressure on nerves causing indigestion and a variety of other functional problems. No fun!

There is something you can do.

Re-establishing natural, full range of motion movement patterns helps your body relax sore muscles and “unstick” sore soft tissue, allowing joints and spine to function properly.

Building reasonable strength allows your body to maintain essential postures and stability. With this solid structural foundation, daily work and play can be pain free and enjoyable again.

The next step requires work. Ensuring adequate cardiovascular and muscular endurance is an important aspect of being able to complete your work or recreation activities with proper structural integrity. Endurance and strength together with proper movement patterns will free you from pain!

This personal training package has a carefully constructed curriculum designed to teach you essential skills, allow you to begin intelligently building strength, improve your work capacity and start you on the path to pain free movement.

Elements of practice include:

  • Assessment of your current flexibility, overall strength, core strength and movement patterns
  • Teaching you how to move and when to properly stabilize your spine
  • Teaching you the right way to strength train and which strength exercises are best for healthy, pain-free movement
  • Increasing your work capacity through a series of progressively skillful movements
  • Learning movements that will be applicable to and improve all your activities outside the gym

This program is appropriate for people who have suffered from back pain and dysfunction but who are not currently in acute pain. If your pain is chronic and stable, this is for you. If you are currently in clinical treatment or are recovering from a recent injury, please contact us for more information about how we can help you.

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We recommend 4-12 personal training sessions for the fix-your-back training.
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