12 Week Fat Loss Body Transformation Program

Level 4 CrossFit Seattle offers a 12 week body transformation program.

If you are ready to SHED unnecessary body fat while getting stronger and improve how you move, we have a comprehensive 12 week program to help you look great and feel great!

Our 12 week transformation program includes:

  • A 4 phase nutrition plan

You will be following a very detailed nutrition plan customized to your specific needs and designed to provide maximum nutrition while improving your metabolism and digestion.

  • Body composition analysis

You will be analyzed before and at multiple times throughout the program to customize your nutrition and to track your results.

  • 3 custom workouts per week

This 36 session workout program is tailored to burn excess body fat.  Private to semi-private 1 hour workouts in small groups of no more than 4 people.

  • Expert workout coaching

Our coaches will ensure that you get optimal return for your hard work with attention to proper exercise technique and making sure that you are working at a level appropriate to your needs and abilities.

  • Nutrition Guidance

In addition to the body composition analysis you will receive constant support to help you follow, adjust and get the most out of the transformation nutrition plan.

This transformation program is not a quick fix plan, but rather a comprehensive, thoughtful program to help you establish some new healthy long term habits. You will not be depriving yourself and feeling hungry. Instead you will be eating a lot of tasty nutritious food, improving your metabolism, digestion and energy levels. Most people experience improved sleep and improved energy throughout the day as well as losing lots of fat!

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From $41.00 - $73.00 per hour
Please see our Pricing Sheet for prices for individuals and groups of up to 3 people.


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