Training Highlights for August 24 - September 6, 2015

Level 4 ShirtShot

Level 1 - Look for 8 repetition maximums in the strength portions- backsquat, incline bench and dumbbell press. We'll be hitting them twice over the next two weeks so don't fret if you miss it the first time around. We've also got a 10 minute kettlebell snatch test planned out for our kettlebell fanatics. Time to get your snatch on! Level 2 - Get ready for the burn! Two weeks of structural balance is all laid out. Much higher repetitions and slower tempos than what we're used to. Make the most of it and really stick to the tempos. Structural balance is partially about correcting strength imbalances from right to left and front to back but it's also about improving the body's connective tissues and the ability to transfer oxygen in and waste products out of cells. We're used to doing it in a global sense where the entire body is taxed but rarely enough do we isolate the muscle groups and develop it locally. Train smarter and harder- Rock on!