The Wen Arto! 5 years at CrossFit Seattle

A "few" of you may know Wen Arto who just reached his 5 year attendance mark with us on January 15, 2013! Thank you Wen for all of your support over these years. Here is a bit about Wen:

Favorite sports? My favorite sports to watch are american football and soccer. My favorite sport to do is, of course, CrossFit. Before this, 5 years ago, I did boot-camp, biking, I did STP and RSVP, and a long time ago, running :-)

Favorite CrossFit workout / piece of equipment / exercise ? Favorite crossfit workout: fight gone bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes! piece of equipment: rowing machine, kettlebells and weightlifting

Why did you start at CF Seattle? I had no idea what CrossFit was when Bryce Phillips, the founder of EVO and a friend invited me to do a group workout at CrossFit. I was bored with boot camp then, and I started once a week. I could not wait to come the next week, then twice, then three times, etc, from there, the rest is history.

What has been the biggest challenge in doing CF? I am always a bit overweight, sometimes way over sometimes just a bit, thus preventing me from doing dips and pull ups, I always have to use the rubber band. During the CrossFit skill level test, I failed on those parts.... why overweight, my life is too rich, too many dinners, not enough discipline in Paleo. If I did stick to the Paleo diet, I would be leaner etc but I chose to be where I am....

What is the best thing you've learned so far? whoah..............there are plenty. I came into the gym from knowing nothing about I know about weightlifting, rowing, kettlebell technique, and many many more. My sport knowledge has been enhanced 100 times after 5 year in Crossfit.

How have you benefited from training at CF Seattle? YESSSSSSSSSSSSS almost perfect health (blood test perfect) paleo diet knowledge much better day to day movement and much stronger....if you only knew me during my 30s, I was overweight then (20 lbs more than now) and barely could move and never exercised.