The CrossFit OPEN 2016 at Level 4 CrossFit Seattle

The CrossFit Open is upon us! This Friday (FEB 26) at 6pm we will be kicking off five consecutive weeks of community workouts centered around the Open followed by food and drinks! For the next five Fridays we will put our fitness to the test, witness how much progress we've made, come together as a community, and have lots of fun sweating together!

What is the Open?
"As the largest CrossFit community event of the season, the Open ties together athletes from within the same gym to those in their broader city, country and world.

The Open is designed to be accessible to all athletes while rigorous enough to challenge the world's fittest. Fourteen-year-old high school freshmen compete in the Open, as well as their 77-year-old grandparents and everyone in between.

It's about joining the global CrossFit community in a celebration of fitness for a few weeks each year. To connect to others in your box as well as those a world apart through the experience of suffering through the same workout at the same time. It lets you revel at the strength and skills you've developed over the past year, and learn what you need to improve."

Workouts are release by CrossFit each Thursday at 5pm PT with two versions, scaled and Rx. The scaled version is for EVERYONE, while the Rx is meant to challenge the elite athletes. What does this mean for you? This means that no matter what level of fitness, everyone and anyone can participate. These next five weeks are about challenging yourself while having fun in a supportive atmosphere!

The Open begins February 25, 2016. Workouts will be announced on the following dates:
16.1: Feb. 25
16.2: March 3
16.3: March 10
16.4 March 17
16.5 March 24

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The CrossFit OPEN: