Thank you Nicole Pastarnack!

Thank you Nicole Pastarnack for being a member at Level 4 CrossFit Seattle for over 6 years now!! Here is a bit about Nicole: Favorite hobbies/interest: Fine dining, Italian wines, hiking, entertaining and going to the movies.

Favorite CrossFit workout: bar bell complex and kettlebell snatches!

What has been the biggest challenge in doing CrossFit? My greatest challenge has been recovering from injuries. It’s been a slow process to recover from injuries to my shoulder, lower back, twisted ankle and blown out knee. The longest recovery was healing from a torn rotator cuff. It has taken years to progress from agonizing pain for lifting my arm to full range of motion, free of any discomfort!

How have you benefited from training at Level 4 CrossFit Seattle? CrossFit has taught me to be mindful. It has given me tremendous inner confidence. More importantly, I have learned patience! I always want things to happen immediately. I also have a tendency to get bored easily. I am always mentally stimulated & challenged @ Level 4. I’ve learned the advantages of being part of a team and how to support other people. It’s a place where we all encourage & cheer for the weakest, slowest person on any exercise. Of course, the greatest benefit is feeling fit & energized. I feel as though I need to train for the inevitable “aging process” and need to keep building muscle & endurance to fight off disease. Staying healthy is the most important outcome and keeps me coming back year after year.