Thank you Maureen O'Hagan!

As of January 2015 Maureen O'Hagan has been coming to Level 4 for 5 years now! Not only do we appreciate Maureen for her support and dedication but for all the great writing she has done for us over the years! Thank you Maureen. Here are some thoughts from Maureen:

Favorite successes: I'm psyched that I can do a pull-up. I can climb a rope (something I'd never even had an opportunity to try before.) I can do real pushups (not "girl" pushups on your knees.) Sometimes, I think to myself, does it really matter if I can climb a rope? It's not like rope-climbing will ever be a part of my normal life, which mostly involves talking, reading and typing. I guess the reason it matters is that these things somehow spill over into your other life, and make you feel more confident in that, too.

When I first became acquainted with Level 4 CrossFit Seattle, I was on assignment to write a story on the CrossFit phenomenon for The Seattle Times Sunday magazine. At the time, I was both a skeptic and out of shape. Five years later, I’m still here – and my life is better for it. I’m leaner and have more energy. I have the strength, stamina and confidence to try things in my 40s that I would never have done before, like rock climbing. For someone who’s never considered herself an athlete, that’s a big deal. But coming here isn’t just about getting fit. The coaches here really do teach. The programming creates a natural process of goal-setting, and when you come to class regularly, you’re going to see progress. But most of all, I love the community here, and how supportive everyone is, and how we laugh as much as we sweat. Though the workouts are varied, one thing I know for sure is this: it’s never going to be boring!