Susie deadlifts her bodyweight at age 74! Time for a party!

Susie Davis started working out with us many moons ago (in May 2005 to be exact) when we were known as CrossFit North.  Her son, Justin, convinced her to join the gym and she has been a member since. A few years ago, Justin issued a challenge to his Mom;  "If you deadlift your bodyweight, I'll throw you a big party Ma".   Susie is always up for a challenge and told the trainers, let's do this party thing!  A few months ago, Susie's hard work and perseverance paid off when she deadlifted 65k, her bodyweight!  Did we mention that Susie is 74 years young and is stronger than ever?

A little over a week ago Justin made good on his promise and threw his Mom a fabulous party in his back yard with lots of excellent food to eat.  Congratulations Susie on this awesome achievement.  We're all wondering what's next??


Susie and her trainers Dave, Scott and Sean

Susie and her son Justin