Special TRAIL RUNNING class - starts SEPTEMBER 18th

Get Signed up for our special TRAIL RUNNING class! Scott Takenaga and Jess Mullen will be teaching a 6 class series on trail running. This is for CrossFit Seattle members.   The class starts on September 18th.

The cost is $50.00 plus 6 classes.  We only have 20 slots available for this class.

Prerequisite:  You must have a 5 mile road running base

To sign up, please email scott@crossfitseattle.com

This is going to be good!  Here are the details:

Wednesday Night Intro

- Goal of program (better at trail running, learn some places to run) - Clothing, shoes - Weather, conditions of trails

Week One – 3 mile loop at Discovery Park

- General trail running technique info/drills - Footwork - Trail vision

Week Two – 4 mile loop at Cougar Mountain

- Etiquette on single track trails (passing, distance between runners, etc) - Intro to uphill running - Intro to downhill running

Week Three – 3.8 miles (2 loops) at Carkeek Park 

- Go over uphill and downhill again - Tie everything together and just run

Week Four – 3.5 miles at Tiger Mountain (Chirico Trail)

- Discuss big long ascent and descent - Implement what you’ve learned on a more challenging trail

Week Five – retest 3 mile loop at Discovery Park

- Time the loop - Brunch after?


Wed -  9/18 @7p  - CrossFit Seattle Sun -  9/22 @ 8a - Discovery Park Sun - 9/29 @ 8a - Cougar Mountain Sun - 10/6 @ 8a - Carkeek Park Sun - 10/13 @ 8a - Tiger Mountain Sun - 10/20 @ 8a - Discovery Park