Something's in the water at CrossFit Seattle!

Something's in the water at CrossFit Seattle! All these ladies have 2 things in common - they are pregnant and they are working out at CrossFit Seattle. AND 2 of our pregnant ladies couldn't make it to the photo shoot!! Left to Right: Becky due Dec 10; Nicole due Dec 10; Karen due Aug 26; Lisa due Dec 23; Marlana due Feb 6 and Stephanie (carrying twins!) is due Feb 9. Not pictured is Tammy and Shawna. Congrats ladies and keep up the great work!

Stephanie says: "At 16 weeks, I have been lucky with an easy pregnancy thus far. In my first trimester I didn't experience morning sickness or the fatigue/exhaustion that most pregnant women get. I think that is in part due to Crossfit and running. I also think that the strength and conditioning that I have gained from CrossFit will be helpful further on in my pregnancy and possibly delivery."

Karen says: "I must say the trainers have been incredible throughout my pregnancy. I can't thank them enough! I can honestly say the best I've felt throughout this pregnancy is during my workouts and several hours afterwards. It was the only time I felt like myself. On the days without crossfit my fatigue and achiness were terrible!"

Nicole says: "I really credit crossfit for keeping my energy levels up throughout my pregnancy. Other than a growing belly, I have felt like my normal self and I truly believe it's because of crossfit. Now...this is my first pregnancy and I haven't experienced labor yet but, the closer I get to my due date the more confident I am becoming in going through the process. With each crossfit class I am not only getting physically stronger but mentally stronger/tougher as well. I think that has really helped me look at childbirth as a challenge rather than something to be scared of. "

Marlana says:  "I've really found a number of benefits to CrossFitting during my pregnancy. I never really had much fatigue in the first trimester, and I feel like my regular routine at the gym kept my energy level more even. Even on days when I was more tired, I always felt better after a workout. It also helped on days that I was feeling sick or nauseous. If I was feeling a little green when I started the workout, I felt better by the end, and always had an appetite. Mostly, I am really thankful to be in a setting where I'm so supported to stay strong and healthy throughout my whole pregnancy. I have nothing but confidence in all of the trainers, knowing that they have trained a number of women throughout their pregnancies. I just hope I can be in the gym the day before my due date, like Karen!"