Skill Level Tests; Test Day is October 13, 2012!

Below are the tests for Level I and Level II that will be given on October 13, 2012. ***Please note that the pull-up requirement in the Level I test has changed.

Level 1 Test

Strength Military Press     .5 x BW        3 reps Deadlift          .75 x BW        3 reps

Bodyweight Complete in less than 4 minutes, 5 rounds of:

Pull-up    1 rep                dead hang, head neutral, chin over bar Dip        1 rep                active shoulders, full lockout at top, greater than 90 degree at elbow Horizontal ring row   1 rep     hand to chest 3 sec. L-sit                 active shoulders, knees above hips, legs almost straight, demonstrate control 1 sec. handstand                on wall, tight hollow body, demonstrate control

Work Capacity Complete in less than 5 minutes, 2 rounds of:

250 meter row 20 dumbbell snatches (10 each arm) 10 x 10” box jumps

Level 2 Test

Strength Overhead Squat:   .5 x BW        10 reps Military Press    .6 x BW        8 reps Deadlift         1.5 x BW        3 reps  (no touch and go)

Bodyweight 4 rounds of: Lever Pull:          1 rep Single leg squat:    1 rep/leg Muscle up:           1 rep Freestanding HS:     5 seconds         kick to HS with no spotter, hands fixed, arms straight

Work Capacity Complete in less than 10 minutes, 2 rounds of:

Front Squat:        1 x BW    4 reps Run 800m


Head is neutral, chin is over bar

Hand to chest