Saying Goodbye to Scott (not an easy thing to do!)

Back in 2004 when we were CrossFit North and working out of a hangar in Magnuson Park, Scott wandered in one day and signed up. A month or so later he was training for us and the rest is history.

Scott has trained thousands of people over these 12 years and it wouldn't surprise me at all if each one of those people had a story about how Scott helped them. He has been an incredible resource of knowledge and expertise for so many people but it didn't stop there. He really cares and that is what makes Scott such an exceptional coach. Over the years he earned the nickname Dr. Scott since people would hurry in to to see him after spraining an ankle or messing up their knee (or dislocating their shoulder - that would be me).

We have watched Scott build an amazing practice and following in his classes and personal training over these years. Scott has helped build Level 4 to what it is today. Without Scott, Level 4 would look quite different! We are so grateful for his incredible coaching and care of the community of Level 4 CrossFit Seattle.

Scott let us know last Wednesday that he had accepted a position with the City of Seattle as an electrician. This new chapter in his life makes the most sense for him and his family right now even though we all wish that were not so. We are so happy for Scott and so sad for Level 4.

If you can, please come to the gym this Friday, May 13th to wish Scott the best as this will be his last day teaching. We will be celebrating Scott at 7pm that evening with some sushi and hors d'oeuvres. Please bring something to drink.

Scott has promised that he will come by the gym from time to time to check in on us -- please hold him to that promise!

A million thank you's Scott!

Nancy and Dave