Programming Update - New Cycle starting May 2, 2016

Level 4 has just introduced a revised training schedule. We now are following a 10 week cycle, with each cycle divided into 7 ten-day rotations. So, as a rule you will see a particular lift come up every 10 days. This may not seem to be often enough but there is a lot of training overlap from similar movements and you will definitely make steady improvements across the board.

Ideally you will make it into the gym 3–5 days each week, whatever works for your schedule and lifestyle. For best results, find a routine that works for you and stick with the same days each week. Over time our programming will even it all out for you and you will make steady progress. If you have to vary your training days week to week, it’s okay.  Just do your best to be consistent.

Our current cycle of training started Monday May 2nd and ends the first week in July. During this cycle you will be working up to new PRs in the barbell deadlift, military press, strict pull-ups for reps, and a 2000 meter rowing test. The testing for your new PRs will happen in the last week of June – first week of July.

Just because we have a primary focus doesn’t mean that everything else gets forgotten! We are developing general fitness, so you will continue to train many other qualities. If you don’t really care about PRs and you are just working out to be healthy, don’t sweat it, continue to train as you were and you’ll make steady progress.

If you want to really focus for the next 10 weeks though, pay more attention to these training days;

   Military press

Welcome to the cycle and let’s get started!

Dave Werner
Owner, Level 4 CrossFit Seattle