Programming Update for CYCLE 2

Cycle 2 training focus:

In Cycle 2, starting July 11, 2016, our primary training goals are 3 rep max (RM) front squat (Fitness), 1 RM front squat (Performance), max reps of dips (for both Fitness and Performance), and 400 meter run time. Secondary goals are; working on speed and hip drive with power cleans, speed hip drive and technique with barbell jerks, and using a dumbbell complex development for work capacity.

With pull-ups in Cycle 1, dips and chin-ups in Cycle 2, we are building toward a focus on muscle-ups in Cycle 3. To be clear we are working toward slow, controlled, no-kip muscle-ups. Kipping muscle-ups are fine, especially in competitions where they are allowed, but the original intent of muscle-ups was to develop advanced pull-up and dip strength, put together in one long line of action movement. If pull-ups and dips are still a work in progress for you these training cycles will still help.....a lot!

We are also building toward full barbell cleans in Cycle 3. We started with raw pulling strength by working on deadlifts in Cycle 1. We will add to that strength and build a stronger receiving position with front squats in Cycle 2. We are starting to practice clean technique and build speed with power cleans in Cycle 2. The 400 meter run is often used as a steady state work element in combination with other exercises. In Cycle 2 however, we are working on the 400 meter run as a stand-alone speed element. Workouts will include short, fast sprint intervals and various length tempo runs.

Dave Werner