None to ONE! Freestanding Handstand Program - 12 weeks

Handstand NonetoOne On Monday, October 6th we will start our second None to ONE program featuring the Freestanding Handstand.  This is a 12 week program.

To sign up: please email We will email you programming each week with detailed instructions including demo videos and instructional videos.


45 seconds Dip Support 30 seconds Chest to Wall Handstand hold 1 trip of Wall Walk 45 seconds Ring Plank 1 minute Active Bar Hang

Developing your freestanding handstand is a great way to add a huge amount of strength and stability to your shoulder structure. Being able to do handstands is fun. That would be enough justification to practice the skill but that is not why you should do them.

When you can hold a controlled freestanding handstand, your shoulders will be better at every other thing you want them to do! The handstand is a very high value skill to develop.

Our None to One program is a set of homework, or additional work, that leads you through a structured and proven process to develop your handstand. We have designed this program in blocks so that you may repeat a section, if necessary, to make sure that you reach the needed milestones.

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