From None to ONE!

MAR 31 - JUN 22 1)    Test yourself on the following skills.  If you can complete these skills, you are ready for this program.

* hang from a bar for 30 seconds (demo video) * 1 horizontal ring row  (demo video) * 3 - 4 solid push-ups (demo video)

2)    Commit to these 12 weeks of programming by signing up via an  email to:

3)    Do the work

Each week you will receive the work you need to do.

WHO can sign up?  Anyone and everyone.  This is free and open to anyone that qualifies and wants to participate.

** You will need access to the following equipment to participate:

- rings (TRX, gymnastic rings, etc) - dumbbells - a fixed bar to hang from

ChinUP NonetoOne LEVEL 4