Meet a Level4 CrossFit Seattle Member: Tim Walsh

It's hard to miss Tim when he works out at Level4 CrossFit Seattle. From his shoes to his arm and head bands, Tim loves to make a fashion statement. But underneath all the playful clothes is a serious runner who loves coming back to the gym because he finds the workouts physically and mentally challenging.

"I love coming in each day and noticing the incremental improvements I've made to my overall physical fitness and appearance, as well as learning how to mentally challenge myself to overcome increasingly difficult WODs, lifts, movement skills, etc. These aspects help me on a daily basis in my personal life, as I feel better physically and mentally. I also love the camaraderie and challenges gained from the fellow CrossFitters and the great staff."

MEMBER:Since 2010

JOB: Operations Program Manager at Microsoft and Track and Cross Country Coach at Eastlake High School

FAVORITE SPORTS: Running, Pickup Baseball and Football, "Competitive Eating"

FAVORITE WOD: Murph or Helen

QUIRK: Gets serious butterflies before a running workout (and then blows everyone out of the water after.)

Thanks for your dedication, Tim, and for the splash of color!