Level 4 CrossFit Seattle Championship - happening MARCH 23

The Championship is happening on MARCH 23 Please see below for estimated times of events

SIGN UP:  Email nancy@crossfitseattle.com

  • let her know the event(s) you want to participate in
  • let her know the TSHIRT size you need

Signing up as a TEAM?  Each team member needs to email Nancy with the above information and let Nancy know who their team mates are.

Do you want to compete on a TEAM but don't have any team members yet?  Email nancy and we will do our best to put teams together.

** Please note, there will be Level I and Level II categories for each event.

COST:  $25.00 gets you signed up for 2 events plus a tshirt. After initial sign-up cost, each additional event you choose to participate in costs $5.00. If you sign up for everything, the total cost is $45.00

SIGN-UP By:  March 1st

Estimated time of events on Championship Day:

9:00am      Back Squat (individual) 10:15am    Jackie (individual) 11:30am    Ground to Overhead (team) 12:30 - 1pm  Break 1:00pm     Double Unders (individual) 2:00pm     3 Minute Circuit (individual) 3:15pm     Chipper/Relay (team)

5pm  PARTY with food and libations!

Individual Events:            - Max Back Squat - 7 minute time limit

     - The workout 'Jackie':  For time: row 1,000 meters, 50 thrusters                     (20k men, 15k women), 30 pullups

      - Double Unders - how many can you do in 5 minutes

      - 3 minutes of each: Wall Ball, Push Ups, Kettlebell                        Swings, Pull-ups  (score is # of reps)

Team Events:  

     Team Relay:             40 burpees             21 thrusters, 21 pullups             5 rope climbs (start seated)             500m row, 12 deadlifts, 21 box jumps             15 ground to overhead, 30 double unders             40 burpees             21 thrusters, 21 pullups             5 rope climbs (start seated)             500m row, 12 deadlifts, 21 box jumps             15 ground to overhead, 30 double unders

Each Team will complete the above tasks in the order listed.  No person on the team can do the same task twice.  Here are the weights for the following tasks:

Thrusters:  40k men, 30k women Deadlift:  80k men, 60k women Ground to overhead: 60k men, 40k women

      Ground to Overhead: Each team will have two barbells, one 20k barbell and one 15k barbell.  Teams will decide how much weight they will put on each barbell.  In a 10 minute period of time, the team who gets the most weight overhead wins (weight x reps = score).

Please Note:  Teams are made up of 5 people.  You can have no more than 3 women and no more than 3 men on each team. Why YOU should participate in the Championship

Dear Level 4 CrossFit Seattle Member,

First, thank you for making Level 4 your gym and second, did you know that we are throwing a 10th birthday party just for YOU?  It's called Level 4 CrossFit Seattle Championship 2013.  Yes, the word Championship is in there -- not party -- but it's going to be a party with some workouts thrown in.  Why should you sign up?  There are several reasons, let us explain.

The first big reason is because it's about participating.  All events are scalable, all events are fun.  Think of this Championship as a field day where we all get together and do what we do, all the time together each week anyway, only on Championship day there is a bit more fun and excitement in the air and folks feel motivated and festive.

The second big reason is because it's an opportunity to give yourself some extra motivation.  Consider using the Championship to motivate yourself to work hard on your double unders or conquer your nemesis, the back squat.  Or maybe you love 3 minutes of wall ball, pushups, kettlebell swings and pull-ups and feel like getting in a good workout on March 23rd.  

The third big reason is because the Championship t-shirt is pretty cool and its worth participating to get one.

Please don't miss the party we are throwing for you.  We'd love to see you all there!

Level 4 CrossFit Seattle Crew