Level 4 Championship - June 6th, 2015!

DATE & TIME: SAT June 6th from 9AM - 4PM (with an hour break at ~1pm) TEAMS of 2 Women and 2 Men ** Every workout can be scaled as needed

5 Workouts:

#1: Obstacle Race for Time #2: Press for Reps Max set of reps in 2 minutes (1 rep = 1 point) Set is over when bar returns to the rack regardless of time remaining 25kg women / 40kg men then Barbell Medley (done as a ladder) Each attempt will start every minute on the minute; athlete must tell judge what lift is being attempted; ie Clean & Jerk, Clean or Deadlift Clean & Jerk =3 points Clean = 2 points Deadlift = 1 point Women: 30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg Men: 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg, 110kg, 120kg Individual Score added to Team score

#3: 21 minutes As Many Reps As Possible First - Team runs to the Bridge and Back (~2 miles) Then, in time remaining, as many reps as possible (Only ONE team member works at a time) 2 Kettlebell Front Squat - 1 point per Front Squat Women - two 16kg kettlebells Men - two 24kg kettlebells

#4: Bodyweight Medley (1 minute rest between each exercise) 1) Wall walk chest to wall, walk down wall to plank and then push-up (5 reps; each successful rep = 1 point) 2) Max reps without coming off the bar of: Pull-up then Toes to Bar Pull-up/ Toes to Bar combo = 3 points Pull-up = 1 point; Toes to bar = 1 point Athlete must always attempt both movements 3) Max Dips Bar dip = 1 point Ring dip = 2 points Individual Score added to Team score

#5: TEAM Chipper 20 rounds of Cindy Double Grace - 40kg women / 60kg men 5 Front Squats, 5 Burpees + Rope Climb = 1 Round 16 rounds total 1 man, 1 woman working at the same time FOR Time

SIGN-UP: email nancy@crossfitseattle.com with Team members names **If you don't have a team, email Nancy and she will try to find a team for you

COST: $30.00 (we will charge your account 1 week before Championship) Cost includes t-shirt and dinner after Championship from Bitterroot

Interested in VOLUNTEERING? Email nancy@crossfitseattle.com