Leigh Ann and Mt. Foraker!

Leigh Ann flew out last Saturday to start her climb of Mt. Foraker in Alaska. We wish her the best of luck and excellent climbing weather. Here are some details:

We fly out Saturday and hope to be flying onto the glacier, starting the climb on Monday! Weather is a huge factor in the Alaska Range, so keep your fingers crossed for blue skies and low winds!i

Mount Foraker, 17,400ft
Route: Northeast Ridge (Sultana Ridge)
Difficulty: Alaska Grade 3
Elevation Gain: 10,500 ft

Mt. Foraker is the second tallest mountain in the Alaska range after Denali. Mt Foraker starts from the same base camp as Denali, but is much less frequented and a bit more challenging. Before tackling the long, exposed Sultana ridge and summit of Mt. Foraker, we'll ascend Mt. Crosson and Pt 12,472. Our team, Three's Company, will be broadcasting our location along the route, so feel free to check us out at the following website, https://share.delorme.com/ThreesCompany.

Photos are of Mt. Foraker taken during Leigh Ann's trip last year to Mt. Denali.