Jenny Hurst, Chef Extraordinaire!

Jenny Hurst has offered to share with us some of her delicious and inspiring recipes from her kitchen. Here is a bit about Jenny and her passion for food.

Jenny Hurst received her degree in psychology at the University of California Santa Cruz, but still couldn’t get her mind off food, cooking and the joy of exploring different cuisines. After traveling in Europe, Nepal and Southeast Asia, Jenny graduated from the School of Natural Cookery in Boulder, Colorado with a Personal Chef Certification. In addition to cooking for clients with a broad range of special diets, she has taught classes in the Seattle area all focused on nourishing with whole foods. She also became a yoga instructor in 2009 to continue her goal of making the world a healthier place. She enjoys learning about food, movement, and integrative wellness. When Jenny is not concocting edible delights for clients or her family, she is practicing handstands, blogging at, riding her bicycle on imaginative adventures with her husband and taking long walks looking for sunshine.

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