Inspiring Client Story: Spencer James

Check out Spencer's inspiring story below about running a marathon:

About two weeks ago, I was chatting with Jim before the 6am session about endurance sports and how one could prepare for an ultramarathon. He casually said, "you know, I'm sure most of us could go out and do a marathon today if we really wanted..."

I think this kind of sat on my back burner for about a week, and then last Sunday I happened to Google the Vancouver Marathon. It turned out to be the following Sunday. I thought about it for a few days, asked about some other people's experiences on the CrossFit mainpage forum, and then signed up for it the Wednesday before the race. I went up on Saturday with my mom, who was going to walk the half marathon, and then on Sunday I went ahead and ran the full marathon with no problems. My time at the end was 3:49 (8:45 mile pace), which I was happy with given that my only training was the programming at CrossFit Seattle. I did throw in a few extra sprint workouts and one 3 mile run, but that was everything. Probably more importantly, I seemed to escape without getting injured.

I'd like to do more marathons in the future, and I think I would work in some more distance work leading up to future events to improve my joint durability since I did end up with sore hips/knees at the end, but I think it is pretty cool that just CrossFit programming can prepare someone for this kind of event.

Also a HUGE congratulations to Spencer for getting into Dartmouth Medical School!!