Ido Portal SEMINAR November 16 & 17 at Level 4 CrossFit Seattle

November 16th and 17th9:00AM - 5:00PM both days

Cost:  $675.00 Sign up here:

This is a great investment of your time and money! There are a few spots left -- please join us!

This two day event will explore a variety of movement concepts and systematized practices:

Mobility - from isolated/integrated joint mobility to the subject of bulletproofing the body through Joint Prep practices.

Loaded Progressive Stretching (LPS) - a system of stretches for increasing functional range of motion in adults in the quickest, safest and most efficient manner.

Hand balancing - the process behind achieving a solid freestanding handstand. If you think kicking up against a wall and just trying again and again will get you there, you are up for a surprise. Other positions taught and explored: the Elbow Lever and One Arm Elbow Lever.

Gymnastics Oriented Strength Development - progressions towards Gymnastics Ring Work from Muscle Ups to Ring Routines, One Arm Chin Ups, Planches and Front Levers, corrective exercises for shoulder health and more.

Locomotion - an exploration of various low gate movement patterns used for strength, conditioning, mobility, increasing movement complexity, and digesting movement material.

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