Grand Opening events coming up Sunday, August 26

Come by the gym between 10 AM and 2 PM on Sunday, August 26. Dave will talk about the Athletic Skill Levels and you'll have a chance to try them out (although gym members have been trying out one or two a week for quite a while now); find out your CrossFit Total; and work out.

You've probably already received the postcard announcing this event. We're also sending a press release to a lot of newspapers and websites, so we hope plenty of soon-to-be CrossFitters will join us. Tell your friends!

Grand opening event schedule

10:00 AM: Gym owner and CrossFit coach Dave Werner talks about the four athletic skill levels he developed and how he uses them for goal-setting and training.
10:30 AM: Test yourself on some of the skill-level exercises.
11:00 am until 1:00 PM: Try the CrossFit Total (deadlift, squat, and press) and see what your total is.
1:00 PM: Free introductory training session.

2:00 PM: Free introductory training session.