FOOD Talk: Saturday JANUARY 23 at 1:30pm

This is our third Food Talk at CrossFit Seattle. We’re getting better every time. This lecture, in particular, will focus more on the practical side of eating healthfully and exactly what that entails. Dave will be discussing food quality, high priority issues such as blood sugar control, and how the insulin-glucagon balance effects our health. He will also discuss the interaction between various foods and the immune system.

Jess Mullen, who is a CrossFit Seattle trainer and also a Washington State Certified Dietitian, will also be speaking. She will be covering specifics like “What do I eat”, “What do I NOT eat” and some encouraging tips for how to make eating changes stick.

There will be 2 very practical handouts given to attendees.

The talk will be for an hour followed by a Q & A session for 15 minutes.

This lecture is free and anyone is welcome to attend.