The Fall LEANing Challenge 2014! (It's different this time)

Morrey LEANers -- please note:

  • You must schedule an appointment with to do the BOD POD and enter the LEANing Challenge
  • Appointments are available every 10 minutes (For example, 7am, 7:10am, 7:20am, etc)
  • Please email Nancy the time you would like to be measured and she will get you scheduled
  • The Bod Pod will be at the gym the following dates and times:

FRI Sep 19 from 7am - 7pm SAT Sep 20 from 7am - 1pm

COST of Bod Pod: $60.00 (this includes 2 measurements - before and after)

COST of LEANing Challenge: $20.00 entry fee (goes into a kitty for the winners)

More Everyone that can participate will get their body fat measured in the "Bod Pod" before and after the LEANing Challenge. The Female and Male who loose the most body fat wins.

The Bod Pod is NOT a dunk tank. It is an air chamber. You will not be getting wet.

What to wear: men - shorts; women - shorts and sports bra

Dates The challenge is 7 weeks long:    September 22 through November 9

Challenge Details To enter the challenge, you must:

  • have your body fat measured in the Bod Pod
  • pay a $20.00 entry fee (to be awarded to the top female/male winners)
  • submit a food log each week

The food log will NOT be detailed. The food log will only be 5 entries each day regarding if you cheated or did not cheat when eating your meals and snacks. See example below:

Breakfast: No Cheat snack: Cheat Lunch: Cheat snack: No Cheat Dinner: No Cheat

By "cheating" we mean you did not eat a Paleo meal or snack.

Bod Pod Details The Bod Pod will cost each person $60.00 for both the before and after test. It will be at the gym during the following days/times:

FRI Sep 19 from 7am - 6pm SAT Sep 20 from 7am - 1pm

FRI Nov 7 from 7am - 6pm SAT Nov 8 from 7am - 1pm