Dr. Wendy Schauer interviews Dave Werner

Read the full interview here:  http://happynewyou.com/interview-with-dave-werner-rkc-and-owner-of-crossfit-seattle H.N.Y.:  One thing that you told me years ago that has always stuck with me was, “Kettlebells will get you ready for running, but running will never get you ready for Kettlebells”.  I didn’t understand what you meant at first, but once you explained it to me (in only the great and simple way that you alone can do) it made immediate sense to me.  It was like the light bulb went on over my head.  I would love for you to explain this concept to our readers.

D.W.:   Running well is hard work and requires a surprising amount of leg strength.  But running with a bad back involves a lot of pounding.  The hard work we do with kettlebells develops leg strength and does not involve a lot of impact.  By focusing on kettlebell training, I was able to regain the leg strength and cardiovascular capacity to run well and at the same time minimize the pounding.  Kettebell training also develops a lot of hip and low back strength and stamina that you just don’t get from running.  A lot of kettlebell work mixed with a little bit of running will prepare you for both.