Dear Level 4 Wonderful Peoples!

Dear Level 4 Wonderful Peoples, It’s New Year’s Eve and Dave and I are sitting around reflecting on this past year. We suddenly had this urge to say thank you to all of you and let you know how excited we are about 2012. I’m having visions of actual, real monkey bars in the gym and lots of people having ‘aha’ moments about good quality movement.

In March of this coming year, it will be our official 9th anniversary of being in business. It’s fabulous knowing we now have some experience under our belt but at the same time we almost feel like we are just getting started. Our goal back then is the same today; to be the best gym in the world! We realize that’s going to take another 20 or so years but we really feel like we will get there. It’s because we have these great, committed clients and incredibly devoted and passionate trainers. We often pinch ourselves when we think about the quality of trainers that have decided to work with us.

2012 is going to be an incredible year at Level 4. Thank you for joining us in this fun and rewarding journey.

Happy New Year!

Nancy for Nancy and Dave