Ben's experience with Level 4's Fat Loss Program

Ben started our 12 week Fat Loss Body Transformation program in late 2015.  In 12 weeks he lost 40 pounds and to date has lost 60 pounds.

Here are a few things Ben noted about the program:

  1. The workouts were awesome.  I loved how they changed through the course of the program and focused on gaining strength while losing weight.
  2. The meal planning and diet plan was so easy.  I really loved the focus on what I CAN eat, rather than what I can't.  After an adjustment period of a week or two, it didn't even feel like being on a diet.  I focus on eating healthy food, and getting in plenty of protein.
  3. I loved that during our 1:1 sessions, we didn't just focus on working out for the hour.  We discussed nutrition, sleep, and other life style factors that were important during my transformation. I really think this was helpful, and I think unique to your program.
  4. Compliance.  You absolutely laid out a great plan for me to succeed - but I also worked very hard, and was stricter than I have ever been.  I didn't cheat on a rep in our workouts.  On our off days I went for long recovery walks.  I stuck to the diet and save for a few isolated incidents, didn't cheat at all.  

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