5 years of working out at 6am! Thank you Michelle!

Michelle DeLancy has been working out at Level 4 CrossFit Seattle for 5 years now, since December 2007. Thank you Michelle! I was looking at her attendance and it's all 6am classes several times a week for last 5 years!  Sometimes a Saturday morning at 7am.  That's hardcore.

Here's some more about Michelle:

Favorite fitness activity / sports? Basketball, skiing, golf- I rowed in college and I like that on the water rather than the erg! :)

Favorite CrossFit workout / piece of equipment / exercise? Fight Gone Bad is one of those oldies but goodies that I love/hate each time we do it. I think Kettlebells are my favorite equipment and using those make that exercise always more fun and challenging.

Why did you start at CrossFit Seattle? I really enjoyed the challenging workouts that  crossfit.com posted each day. I followed those workouts and  sent my times/weights to a friend that lived in Florida, so I had a workout buddy across America. The gym I did these workouts in, didn't have all the equipment I needed, and the people looked at me like I was crazy. My Florida workout buddy came to visit in December (about 8 months after we started on crossfit.com) and we wanted to find a CrossFit gym to do an actual CrossFit workout in.  CrossFit Seattle was close by and was one of maybe 2 at the time in the area. Our first meeting with Dave was great and challenging. I got hooked quickly by the coaching, the gym set up and returned for the 12 days of CrossFit. I quickly went from Tuesday and Thursdays to as many days as I could get in, and I really enjoyed that there were other crazy fun people that worked out at 6am like I did.

What has been the biggest challenge in doing CrossFit? A big challenge for me over the years is the mental part of the workouts. The large amount of weight that we're moving, the many different types of workouts, competing against others and wanting to get faster, stronger and quicker overnight. I've learned patience, and taking the time to work on form, getting the workout correct, and slowly increasing the weight to get to the next level more efficient. I've had a couple injuries unrelated to CrossFit that has taken me out or changed my normal routine and coming back from both of those were challenging, but in a good way to be able to adapt to what life offers, and how CrossFit can help you manage through the ups and the downs.

What is the best thing you've learned so far? I've learned a lot about my body and what it needs to be healthy with  good nutrition, the right amount of sleep and listening to the trainers on form, strength, mobility and areas that you don't even know are there or need work! They push you to go to the extra weight, faster speed, higher volume when you're not sure you can do it.

How have you benefited from training at CrossFit Seattle? I've benefited in so many ways from CrossFit, mostly the community that we have at CF Seattle. I go to the gym because I love the workouts, I love to be challenged, and held accountable for my time, for showing up and getting called out if I don't show up.  I love to compete and partner up with people and I love to encourage those around me. So many people come from so many backgrounds and it's great that we've all ended up in the same spot doing the same thing at different speeds, strengths, levels etc. but at the end of the workout we can high five and say great job and look forward to coming back and doing it again the next day. It's definitely a family.

Michelle doing rocking pistols at the 12 Days of CrossFit in 2010.