5 year Member - Paula Arnold

A Big thank you to Paula Arnold who has been training with us now for over 5 years, since August 2007. Here is a little bit about Paula. Favorite sports: I am sadly someone who has never participated in any sports. I am hoping that this will actually help me in the long run because my body potentially has more miles remaining on my odometer. Why did I start at Level 4 CrossFit Seattle: I used to love running but my shin splints started bothering me more and more. I needed to find another way to get exercise. My husband had read about your gym back when you were located in Sand Point, which seemed too far away. Then, magically, you moved to Ballard! I loved it from the first training session with Scott where I realized that I can sweat and smile at the same time. Biggest challenge: Rowing! Now that I have finally graduated to the blue wall ball, my next challenge is to develop better rowing technique. Being 5’ tall may be a disadvantage on the erg, but I can’t let it be an excuse! How have I benefited: I have found something I can continue to do for many years to come. Even as a non-athletic person, I have amazingly developed a belief that I am strong and my body can accomplish way more than my mind believes it can.