2014 Championship - Team Max Deadlift PR's

During the TEAM Max Deadlift event at the Championship, 75% of everyone participating hit a PR! Here are the stats: Kim 107k JD 140k Gabrielle 105k Jason 170k (up from 152k!) Kylie 91k (up from 85k!) Annelisa 120k BJ 195k (up from 182k!) Lisa 85k (up from 77k!) Nick 220k Zack 161k Stacy 135k Edie 115k Bryan 210k (up from 180k!) Tara 90k (up from 75k!) Kiku 118k (up from 103k!) Dave 182k Alison 107k Linda 140k Kelly 118k Nic N. 133k (up from 125k!) Mike 200k Robert 110k (up from 100k!) Greg 190k April 101k