2014 Championship - Row/Thruster Event

Back to the Row/Thruster event. After Lunch the Row/Thruster workout PART 2 took place. Eventually the top 3 women and the top 3 men competed. 150 meter row 15 thrusters (with mens bar)

WOMEN: Kelly H for Bikini Ninjas 56.75 seconds Linda F for Kick Ass Care Bears 59.88 seconds Anne T for Doom Patrol 1:03.34

MEN: Mark D for Super Pain Whores of Death 46.81 seconds Ramey H for Barfight 48.29 seconds Greg T for AMRAPPERS Delight 50.63 seconds

The best time in all the heats for the WOMEN was by Linda F with a time of 55.79 seconds.

The best time in all the heats for the MEN was by Mark D with a time of 44.38 seconds.

Yowza! That was some amazing output by everyone!



Mark D