11 Years and Still Going Strong!

11 years ago this month Erika Courtois signed up for an Experimental College class we (aka CrossFit North) were teaching on the very unknown fitness tool called the Kettlebell. After that, we talked her into trusting us enough to teach her about an extremely unknown thing called CrossFit. And she never left! Thank you Erika, for not only trusting us but for your steadfast support all these years. Erika is our longest time member and has been with us every month straight for 11 years now. Wow! We are grateful. Here are some thoughts from Erika:

Eleven years go by pretty quickly, especially when you're moving and having a good time. I like to tell new people that when I first started I used to sometimes park a distance away and wait to see who else showed up. I was nervous that I'd be either the weakest or the only person. One day Dave and Nick got their schedules confused and a coach didn't arrive. It was like a gift from God. Jeez, those days are long gone. I tell people to do the best you can and just keep coming. Defy your fear because the alternative is worse.

As for favorites/successes, I have a couple: 1. The gym gives me the opportunity to spite my inherent laziness. Everyday is like a little battle against the forces of unconscious malaise, habitual defaults, and crappy posture.

2. Meeting, working and learning from some of the best, most alive, determined, intelligent people on the planet.

Thank you Erika!