13th Annual 12 Days of CrossFit workout

Friday (DEC 2) is the 12 DAYS of CrossFit workout in all classes! This is our 13th year doing the 12 Days - wow! Don't miss this one!

12 Days of CrossFit Workout

1 100 yard Sprint
2 Bear-crawls
3 Second handstand
4 Clean & jerks (dumbbells)
5 Dive bomber push-ups
6 Knees to elbows
7 Kettlebell swings
8 Hanging leg-raises
9 Ring-dips
10 Squat-thrusts
11 Pull-ups
12 Rocking pistols

This is a cumulative workout. Use "The 12 Days of Christmas" song as a template. As each round is added you repeat all of the previous rounds.

I wrote this in 2004, and this will be the 13th Christmas we have run this workout in our gym. It is a totally fun, completely over the top workout. It takes anywhere from 20 minutes to well over an hour. Set up all 12 stations in advance and adjust movements as necessary for your level of strength and ability. Write the whole thing down so that you can look as you work - you will almost certainly forget where you are. As a reality check you will end up running one hundred meters 12 times, the rocking pistols are only done once. Have Fun with this! Dave

The Brutal Bear Crawl!

The Brutal Bear Crawl!

Programming Update for CYCLE 2

Cycle 2 training focus:

In Cycle 2, starting July 11, 2016, our primary training goals are 3 rep max (RM) front squat (Fitness), 1 RM front squat (Performance), max reps of dips (for both Fitness and Performance), and 400 meter run time. Secondary goals are; working on speed and hip drive with power cleans, speed hip drive and technique with barbell jerks, and using a dumbbell complex development for work capacity.

With pull-ups in Cycle 1, dips and chin-ups in Cycle 2, we are building toward a focus on muscle-ups in Cycle 3. To be clear we are working toward slow, controlled, no-kip muscle-ups. Kipping muscle-ups are fine, especially in competitions where they are allowed, but the original intent of muscle-ups was to develop advanced pull-up and dip strength, put together in one long line of action movement. If pull-ups and dips are still a work in progress for you these training cycles will still help.....a lot!

We are also building toward full barbell cleans in Cycle 3. We started with raw pulling strength by working on deadlifts in Cycle 1. We will add to that strength and build a stronger receiving position with front squats in Cycle 2. We are starting to practice clean technique and build speed with power cleans in Cycle 2. The 400 meter run is often used as a steady state work element in combination with other exercises. In Cycle 2 however, we are working on the 400 meter run as a stand-alone speed element. Workouts will include short, fast sprint intervals and various length tempo runs.

Dave Werner

Zack's Last Day at Level 4

Today is the last day to get your Zack time in :-( Zack will be teaching his last classes today at 12noon and at 6pm.

As many of you know, Zack has accepted a position at Boulder Movement Collective in Boulder, CO working with his friend Matthew Bernstein. While this is great for Zack we're not at all happy to see him go! But these things happen.

Zack has brought lots of great instruction to Level 4's classes in addition to being a great sight to see as he works out in the corner. Zack has been an inspiration to us all of what some hard work will get you. We are very grateful for all that Zack has contributed to Level 4 and will miss him greatly.

Please come out if you can and celebrate Zack with us today.

Zack - thank you for all that you have done for Level 4. It's greatly appreciated.

Crawfish and HooverBall!

It's happening! Crawfish and Hooverball! The perfect combo.

When do you get to eat crawfish and play hooverball on the same day??

On Saturday June 11 from 12 - 3pm

Mark Doyle (our Louisiana native) has agreed to host and cook for us this fine protein along with some corn on the cob, potatoes and mushrooms.

The cost of the event is $20.00

WHY is this so bloody expensive? Because the crawfish are flown in ALIVE from Louisiana on the day of the event and are delivered to Level 4 by 11am that morning. According to Mark you cannot cook dead crawfish - just alive ones.

Children under 8 are free!

SIGN-UP here: https://level-4-crossfit-seattle.frontdeskhq.com/ev…/1567492

We need everyone to sign up by June 7th so we can order the right amount of crawfish.

The Mini Hooverball Tournament will be happening while the cooking goes on. The 10” medicine balls weighing 4lbs each should be arriving today. Feel free to read up on the rules of hoover ball: http://www.hooverassociation.org/…/hoo…/hooverball_rules.php

Starting next week, Level 4 Instructors will have you warm up at the start of class by playing some mini hooverball so that you can get familiar with the game. The net will be lower and the court will be smaller than in regular hooverball.

For the tournament, we will have teams of 2 individuals (1 female, 1 male)

To sign up your team, email nancy@crossfitseattle.com or let her know if you don't have a partner and we will find you one.

Leigh Ann and Mt. Foraker!

Leigh Ann flew out last Saturday to start her climb of Mt. Foraker in Alaska. We wish her the best of luck and excellent climbing weather. Here are some details:

We fly out Saturday and hope to be flying onto the glacier, starting the climb on Monday! Weather is a huge factor in the Alaska Range, so keep your fingers crossed for blue skies and low winds!i

Mount Foraker, 17,400ft
Route: Northeast Ridge (Sultana Ridge)
Difficulty: Alaska Grade 3
Elevation Gain: 10,500 ft

Mt. Foraker is the second tallest mountain in the Alaska range after Denali. Mt Foraker starts from the same base camp as Denali, but is much less frequented and a bit more challenging. Before tackling the long, exposed Sultana ridge and summit of Mt. Foraker, we'll ascend Mt. Crosson and Pt 12,472. Our team, Three's Company, will be broadcasting our location along the route, so feel free to check us out at the following website, https://share.delorme.com/ThreesCompany.

Photos are of Mt. Foraker taken during Leigh Ann's trip last year to Mt. Denali.

Saying Goodbye to Scott (not an easy thing to do!)

Back in 2004 when we were CrossFit North and working out of a hangar in Magnuson Park, Scott wandered in one day and signed up. A month or so later he was training for us and the rest is history.

Scott has trained thousands of people over these 12 years and it wouldn't surprise me at all if each one of those people had a story about how Scott helped them. He has been an incredible resource of knowledge and expertise for so many people but it didn't stop there. He really cares and that is what makes Scott such an exceptional coach. Over the years he earned the nickname Dr. Scott since people would hurry in to to see him after spraining an ankle or messing up their knee (or dislocating their shoulder - that would be me).

We have watched Scott build an amazing practice and following in his classes and personal training over these years. Scott has helped build Level 4 to what it is today. Without Scott, Level 4 would look quite different! We are so grateful for his incredible coaching and care of the community of Level 4 CrossFit Seattle.

Scott let us know last Wednesday that he had accepted a position with the City of Seattle as an electrician. This new chapter in his life makes the most sense for him and his family right now even though we all wish that were not so. We are so happy for Scott and so sad for Level 4.

If you can, please come to the gym this Friday, May 13th to wish Scott the best as this will be his last day teaching. We will be celebrating Scott at 7pm that evening with some sushi and hors d'oeuvres. Please bring something to drink.

Scott has promised that he will come by the gym from time to time to check in on us -- please hold him to that promise!

A million thank you's Scott!

Nancy and Dave

Programming Update - New Cycle starting May 2, 2016

Level 4 has just introduced a revised training schedule. We now are following a 10 week cycle, with each cycle divided into 7 ten-day rotations. So, as a rule you will see a particular lift come up every 10 days. This may not seem to be often enough but there is a lot of training overlap from similar movements and you will definitely make steady improvements across the board.

Ideally you will make it into the gym 3–5 days each week, whatever works for your schedule and lifestyle. For best results, find a routine that works for you and stick with the same days each week. Over time our programming will even it all out for you and you will make steady progress. If you have to vary your training days week to week, it’s okay.  Just do your best to be consistent.

Our current cycle of training started Monday May 2nd and ends the first week in July. During this cycle you will be working up to new PRs in the barbell deadlift, military press, strict pull-ups for reps, and a 2000 meter rowing test. The testing for your new PRs will happen in the last week of June – first week of July.

Just because we have a primary focus doesn’t mean that everything else gets forgotten! We are developing general fitness, so you will continue to train many other qualities. If you don’t really care about PRs and you are just working out to be healthy, don’t sweat it, continue to train as you were and you’ll make steady progress.

If you want to really focus for the next 10 weeks though, pay more attention to these training days;

   Military press

Welcome to the cycle and let’s get started!

Dave Werner
Owner, Level 4 CrossFit Seattle

Handstand Clinic - this Saturday April 30, 2016

This Saturday Zack Finer is putting on a Handstand Clinic for us! Don't miss this one!

DATE: This Saturday April 30, 2016
TIME: 1pm - 2:30pm
WHO: Anyone and Everyone
COST: $25.00
SIGN UP: Register here https://level-4-crossfit-seattle.frontdeskhq.com/ev…/1459127

In this clinic, you will work on:

  • Preparing your joints for the handstand
  • Body position to achieve a freestanding handstand
  • Balance drills to help get you way from the wall

In order to take this clinic, please be sure you can do the following:

  • Hold a 60 second chest to wall handstand
  • Be able to kick to a handstand against the wall

Ben's experience with Level 4's Fat Loss Program

Ben started our 12 week Fat Loss Body Transformation program in late 2015.  In 12 weeks he lost 40 pounds and to date has lost 60 pounds.

Here are a few things Ben noted about the program:

  1. The workouts were awesome.  I loved how they changed through the course of the program and focused on gaining strength while losing weight.
  2. The meal planning and diet plan was so easy.  I really loved the focus on what I CAN eat, rather than what I can't.  After an adjustment period of a week or two, it didn't even feel like being on a diet.  I focus on eating healthy food, and getting in plenty of protein.
  3. I loved that during our 1:1 sessions, we didn't just focus on working out for the hour.  We discussed nutrition, sleep, and other life style factors that were important during my transformation. I really think this was helpful, and I think unique to your program.
  4. Compliance.  You absolutely laid out a great plan for me to succeed - but I also worked very hard, and was stricter than I have ever been.  I didn't cheat on a rep in our workouts.  On our off days I went for long recovery walks.  I stuck to the diet and save for a few isolated incidents, didn't cheat at all.  

To read more about Ben's experience go here.