Why Choose Level 4 CrossFit Seattle?


Because you want to look great and feel great.  And that happens here.  When you sign up for our world class coaching and our dialed in programming, your job is to show up.  We make sure you get what you need to look and feel your best.


Personal Training

Individual and Small Group training so you can reach your goals.


We offer a variety of different classes to meet every ones needs.

New to CrossFit?

Start with our Small Group Intro or our Personal Training Intro series.

Level 4 CrossFit Seattle is Hiring!

We are looking for a skilled and passionate Instructor to join our team.  Must be committed to continuous improvement for those you teach and for yourself.   Please send a resume to info@crossfitseattle.com


Find your next goal!

Dave Werner created the Athletic Skill Levels back in 2006 and since then thousands of people and gyms around the globe have used them to establish goals and gauge progress.  Check out this incredible tool.


Get our excellent programming from anywhere on the globe


We offer three levels of programming and hundreds of instructional videos.